Proudly Bringing Solar POWER to South Texas

A large-scale solar operation supplying jobs, much-needed revenues and electrical power
to Wharton County and beyond.

Jobs. Revenues. Energy.


Our solar project will provide vital benefits to the residents and businesses of Wharton County – especially vital during a pandemic, which has caused so many economic hardships. From jobs to tax revenues to new energy sources, Red-tailed Hawk Solar is good business.

Red-tailed Hawk Solar​

Good for Your Community

Red-tailed Hawk Solar will generate great economic benefits to Wharton County, totaling more than $1.4 million during the construction phase, $13 million in total county tax revenues over a 10-year period and $31 million in total county tax revenues over a 30-year period. These revenues will support Wharton County hospitals, first responders and other essential community services. These monies are vital to supporting Wharton County services.

Texas Flag

Good for Texas

With an estimated 1,000 people moving to Texas every day, demand on the state’s energy grid has never been greater. In fact, electricity production in the state has grown by 5% over the past 5 years – even as nationwide production has fallen. Fortunately, Texas sits in a geographic and climatic sweet spot, which allows it to cheaply and efficiently harness energy from many different sources – including solar – to help meet increased demands on electricity.


Good for America

By diversifying its energy portfolio to include solar – one of the cleanest, most abundant, reliable and low-cost energy sources in the world – Texas is helping to reduce peak demand stress on the state’s power grid, while helping to decrease the country’s reliance on foreign sources of energy.


“By entering into a supporting 312 tax abatement agreement to support Red-tailed Hawk Solar, Wharton County would broadcast its willingness to attract new investment to the area – that Wharton County is open for business and that the County is business-friendly.”


– Lisa Olson Murphy, Development Director of AP Solar Holdings LLC

The Power of Solar is Brighter Than Ever


More Energy to Power Texas

Texas is one of the fastest growing markets for solar power in the country. Today, there are more than 70,500 solar installations in the state and enough solar installed to power nearly 531,000 homes. Red-tailed Hawk Solar will provide enough low-cost electricity to power about 65,000 Texas homes.


More Jobs for Texans

More than 10,000 Texans work in the solar industry. Red-tailed Hawk Solar is expected to create 300 jobs during construction and 3 full-time positions once operational.


More Money for Wharton County

The project will generate increased county and local tax revenues to fund Wharton County schools, hospitals, first responders and other essential community services.

Stay Informed

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